Monday, December 23, 2013

I Beat Procrastination

Okay, not really.
But seriously
 We won't talk about the fact that I've gained 11 pounds, or the fact that I've squeezed my ass into skinny jeans I have no business wearing or that today is not technically a jeans day at work. Jeans week starts tomorrow, apparently. Thanks HR.

Nope, today I am enjoying the fact that for the first Christmas in a long time, I am not stressing about what to buy everyone at the last minute. Except for a few stocking stuffers I need to pick up, I have everyone's presents purchased and wrapped. Woohoo! I would love to say that I got all crafty and fancy with the gifts, but no. Just plain wrapping paper and a sticky name tag.

 We did venture out of the house on Saturday to brave the craziness to get the batteries replaced in our watches (they had only died 5 months ago) and to hit up the grocery store. We had thoughts of making some Christmas cookies and candy, but that didn't happen. A nasty storm blew in after we got home so I just hunkered down in front of the TV and had myself a little Harry Potter movie marathon. I made it through 7 movies, but didn't get to the very last one because SOMEONE thought I was hogging the television. Hater.

I actually ordered Christmas cards through the Walgreen's website yesterday and will be picking them up today. Yes, I realize that Christmas is two days away, but this is a huge accomplishment for me! I figure as long as you get the card the week of Christmas, it still counts. It counts.

It is a balmy 10 degrees here today in KC, but at least the roads are clear. Despite getting snow and ice every single year, there are still morons out there who act like it is the first time they've ever seen snow. You either get the ultra cautious driver or the idiot who thinks he's invincible and ends up in a ditch. Natural selection works.

Hope everyone else is doing well this week and that you don't get trampled by crazy shoppers. Amazon Prime is my new BFF.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Emmeline aka my Monkey

We have been very lucky to have avoided any major sickness so far this year, but lately Emmeline keeps trying to give me cause for worry. Thursday morning she woke up crying and complaining that her ear hurt. I feared we were facing another ear infection so I gave her some Motrin and stayed home with her. I needn't have bothered. She was absolutely fine all day long and has not mentioned a peep about her ear since. Monkey.

Coloring with Daddy at IHOP
On Sunday, I took the girls over to my aunt's house for our annual sugar cookie making fiesta. Everyone always enjoys it because they basically get free reign to roll out, cut out and decorate cookies however they want. Emmeline, as usual, wanted to do it all by herself so we had a little struggle of wills as I tried to help her out. She seemed to a little out of sorts however, because she kept going to the bathroom to pee. She seriously went like 20 times that day, plus she kept having accidents and peeing in her pants. Added to the fact that she said it hurt when she peed and I was convinced she had a UTI.

"I not tired!" Yeah, right
Monday, I stayed home with her (again) and got her in to see the doctor. Naturally, she didn't seem to be having any issues any longer. She peed in a cup like a champ and sat very good for the doctor. The pee test came negative (really?) but the dr. did say that her ear looked rather red (interesting). She gave me a contingent prescription in case her ear gets worse or if she starts running a fever. Negative on both counts so far.

Chillin at the dr.'s office
And because I didn't have enough cause to worry, let's throw in an eye test just for fun. Her daycare had someone come in and do a preliminary vision test and hers came back inconclusive and they recommended a screening by an optometrist. Her appointment was at 5:30 and she had managed to fall asleep right before we had to leave the house so she was not at her ideal happy state. She did pretty good at the eye doctor, but was very wiggly and kind of out of control at some points. I really enjoyed wrestling her to the floor to get her coat on and having her fight with me as I carried her to the car. Good times. At least she doesn't have to get glasses. Her vision is a little weaker in her right eye, but since she is still developing and growing the dr. just recommended that she get yearly checkups. Whew!

This little girl just loves to keep me on my toes, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Busy Busy Me

So much to talk about and so little time to get it all in. Or I could ramble on for 40 paragraphs and lose everyone around the 5th one. I have been doing well just super busy and blogging has really been put on the back burner. I'm okay with that, but it makes me sad that I haven't been able to read all the other wonderful blogs that I typically stalk on a regular basis so I don't know what's going on with everyone else.

Anyway, to do a little recap: Thanksgiving was great. We drove to my parents house and had a great time visiting with everyone and eating way too much. I even got pictures of everyone and will be doing my best to attempt to send out Christmas cards for the first time ever. (Yes, I know I'm almost 40. I have just never been good about getting anything in the mail. Ask my brother in law who got his Christmas gift last year in March.) I shared one pic on IG and another one last week, but they are just too good not to share. My girls are so pretty.

I did have a little "come to Jesus" meeting with the girls last week. I had missed two Christmas programs because I didn't hear about them in time and was feeling sad and left out. I basically told them that while I am not perfect, I want to be more involved in things going on in their lives. But, they need to meet me halfway and give me a call or Facetime or Skype once in a while. I don't want to feel like I'm being replaced by their grandmother who is ALWAYS around. They reassured me and vowed to do a better job, but the problem is that they are as forgetful as I am. I just need to remember that it is give and take and not to let one thing set me into a downward spiral.

Hannah and her best friend Faith after their choir concert
My inner fat girl has come out for the holidays and doesn't want to leave. I have basically been stuffing food into my pie hole and most of it isn't good for me. I've managed to gain back 10 pounds which I am not happy about. My strength training regimine lasted about a week and a half, just long enough for me to get sore muscles. I really need to get back into running and exercising and eating well, I just haven't had the push to do so. Something's gotta give though, because my size 8's are getting tight and that is not cool at all. Plus, I just feel tired all the time and I know that is because I'm eating way too much sugar. It is all on me, though. I know what I have to do, it is just a matter of getting shit done. Who wants to come give me a swift kick in the pants?

We did get out for a date night Saturday night
Hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for Christmas. I have my tree up and most of my shopping done, which is phenomenal for me. I just have to get to wrapping! Happy Tuesday and Mega Millions Lottery Day! The jackpot is over $550 million dollars and while I am pretty positive I won't win, I still am going to buy a ticket just in case. Ever the optimist.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, life is just getting in the way. I'll be back with something relatively interesting soon! In the meantime, enjoy this lovely picture of my girls who are trying to drive me insane slowly and painfully.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This or That and Sore Arms

This or That Link Up
Today, I thought I would participate in the This or That linkup hosted by the lovely Jodi from Love and Crayons. She is the sweetest and I'm jealous of her hubby's handyman skills. Anyway, on to the questions.
  • Stuffing or Mashed Potatoes? Neither actually. I much prefer mashed sweet potatoes with walnuts and brown sugar on top. Delicious.
  • Homemade Cranberry Sauce or Store Bought Cranberry Sauce? I have never really been a fan of cranberry sauce at all, but I would go homemade if I had to choose.
  • Pumpkin Pie or Pecan Pie? Pumpkin Pie for me, I think Pecan Pie is way too sweet. Not Jason, though. Pecan is his favorite pie of all time.
  • Cooking All Day or Cleaning Up All Night? I have never hosted Thanksgiving at my house but I would probably have to say cooking all day. I'll let the kids do the cleaning up. ;)
  • Thanksgiving Day Parade or Football Game? Parade all the way. Honestly, I couldn't care less about a football game and the parade is so much more entertaining.
In other news, Happy Tuesday! Anyone else as tired as I am? I know I mentioned this before, but I simply struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Today was no exception. This may have something to do with the fact that I got a wild hair up my butt on Sunday and decided to sign up on I picked the Jaime Eason 12 week program and got started. Plus, I decided to do this instead of taking a nap! (The nap wasn't happening anyway since Emmeline kept coming into my room every 10 minutes to yell, "Mommy, I need you!"

Let me tell you, my arms are freaking sore today, but I am loving it. After being a slug for so long, it felt good to do some exercise. I even busted out a mile and a half on the treadmill. Sure, I was wheezing a bit at the end, but it was a good wheeze.

I received my package from my KikiLaRue purchase yesterday and I was so excited. The Ambiance sweater is so nice and fits beautifully and the V-Neck Essential top will be great for lounging this week. I did not have as much luck with the jeggings, however. I was going to get mediums, but they were sold out so I gambled and got a small. Not happening. They are too small, so they will be going back. Sigh. I'm 0-2 on jeggings purchases so far. I got cocky and bought a size 6 from Costco and they were just a bit too snug. Can we say, muffin top? I'm sure I'll get it right eventually.

I'm still hovering 152 with my weight and I want to get back out of the 150's. That is part of my main motivation with this new weight lifting plan. Well, that, and to lose the muffin top, obviously. Anyway, have a great day and I'll leave you with this cubicle selfie. I thought I'd change it up a bit from the bathroom.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Baby, it's Cold Outside

I am not a morning person. Never have been, never will be. I can remember my mom threatening do dump a cup of water on my head on a regular basis when I was in school. She followed through a few times too, so
I knew it was legit.

This morning was no exception. The cold crappy weather moved in yesterday and that made my warm bed only that much more appealing. Jason was noticeably absent from our bed because he had driven down to Springfield yesterday. There was a metal show with two of his favorite bands that he really wanted to see, so he took a little mini-vacation to go down there. He really wants me to love metal as much as he does, but it is never going to happen. I just can't get into it.

Since Emmeline and I were on our own last night, I decided to head over to Target to do a little shopping. She has grown out of all her winter clothes so it was time to stock up again. I really don't see the point in spending hundreds of dollars on high end kids' clothes when all she does is play all day, and Target has such cute stuff anyway. I let her pick out what she liked with a little guidance and I think she did pretty well. She got several pairs of leggings and jeggings as well as some long sleeve shirts. I did get a pair of jeans, but they didn't pass the "sit test" (she said her tummy was squished) so those will be going back. She also picked out the requisite winter boots so she is all set now.

I picked up a few things for myself, but will have to take back about half of it. I didn't attempt the fitting room at the store so I just tried everything on when we got home. I had grabbed this cute plaid button down shirt, but it didn't even come close to buttoning over my boobs. (busty girl probs) I did manage to place my very first official order from KikiLaRue so I'm very excited to see how everything fits. (I did buy two scarves last year, but they were gifts so I haven't purchased anything for myself.) I'm trying to plan out my Thanksgiving Day outfit since I want to be cute, yet comfy (jeggings for the win).

I'm off to struggle through today to make it to the weekend. It is really sad how much I look forward to sleeping in.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's Almost Turkey Time

Only one more week until Thanksgiving and I'm so excited! Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday. I have a great family that doesn't see each other all that often so it is always a good time when we get together. It is always a time for me to relax and enjoy everyone's company. (I'm sure that would change if I ever had to host Thanksgiving) I have all the girls this year and we are trekking across the state to spend a few days with my parents. My sister and her hubby are coming in from Chicago and I'm sure my brother will wander in at some point.

My step-mom is an amazing cook so I know that she will put on a good spread. However, since she has been battling cancer this year, I'm sure we will be doing everything we can to get her to sit down (with no success, I'm sure). The woman does not know how to relax. She is a hostess through and through. We love her, though and wouldn't trade her for anything.

The trip is usually about 4-4.5 hours and we have it pretty much down pat. It really helps that the girls are now older and the DVD player is a lifesaver. There is nothing like having a crying baby for the last 45 minutes of the trip because she is so done with the car. Fortunately, there is always booze available upon arrival.

The next few days for me will be spent cleaning(ish) and doing laundry. If I didn't have to work the next few days, I wouldn't be sad at all. Seriously though, why isn't is Friday yet? I'm ready to catch up on my sleep.

What are your plans for the holidays? Travelling or staying home?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


So what that I haven't had a new post in over two weeks. Ever get that "not so bloggy" feeling? For me, that has kind of been where I've been mentally that past few weeks. Blogging got to be a chore, something that I HAD to do and I was getting to the point where I resented it. It was all too much with the constant pressure to come up with something new and the neverending contests and giveaways. I just had to step away from it all. Since I do enjoy my blog, I didn't want to feel like that so I took a much needed break. I probably won't ever be one of those people that blogs every day and that's okay.

In other news, I have been feeling really good lately; like this overall contentment has settled in. I can't describe it any other way, but it has been so nice. I haven't been stressing about what other people are doing or thinking and have just concentrated on myself and my family. As someone who has spent her whole life worring about what others think, this is a big deal for me. It feels good to let some of the baggage go. Oh, I still have baggage, but I'm working on going through one bag at a time.

Exercise has been non-existent since I ran the marathon relay a month ago. I haven't been too worried about it, but I am planning on getting back at it. I really want to start lifting and am contemplating the option of joining a gym. We are already planning on setting aside some money so Jason can join a gym because he wants to start getting in shape and he knows he won't be able to do it on his own. He needs structure and someone telling him to do, plus the thought of throwing money away is a big motivator for him. I'm excited for him to get started.

I have been reading the book, The Nine Rooms of Happiness and am really getting a lot out of it. A lot of what the author says is really resonating with me. I'm trying very hard to work through the issues of my past so I don't cycle through the same destructive patterns. I haven't finished it yet, but I highly recommend it so far.
Not too much has been going on the past couple of weeks. Emmeline enjoyed her first trick-or-treating experience. Once she realized she was getting free candy, she was all over it. I was pretty impressed when she decided she was done after about 10 houses though. I though for sure she would have a meltdown. She also attended her first classmate's birthday party. The parents had a pirate theme going on and it was very cute.

I had a very nice weekend with Hannah last weekend. She came up by herself since she had missed out so much from working the past couple of months. We didn't do anything special, it was just really good to spend time with her. My baby girl is all grown up. She's also very talented when it comes to drawing. She drew this awesome mandala on my foot. I was bummed when I had to wash it off. Take note, I will be getting a new tattoo very soon.
Please ignore my old lady feet.

I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging and I'm thinking I may need a new look for my page. I definitely need a new picture. Anyway, if you ever get to missing me though, you can always follow me on Instagram or Twitter (my not so secret obsession).

Anyone else reading some good self help books that you would recommend?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Imma Bee

Recently, I have had several of those online boutique shops start following me on Instagram, but I have no idea why. Those bathroom selfies are finally starting to pay off! I am about the farthest thing from a fashion blogger as you can get. I mean, I don't even own a statement necklace people! When it comes to clothes, I am cheap which is why my wardrobe consists of Target, Old Navy and thrift shop finds. However, if one of these boutiques wants to take me under their wing, I would be happy to style the shit out of their clothes. Just because I don't have money doesn't mean I don't have taste.

Jason and I had been invited to a Halloween party tonight, but weren't sure if we were going to go. We finally made the decision last night to just suck it up and have a good time since we never get to hang out with friends. We stopped at Kmart last night to look at costumes and unintentionally got matching bee costumes for Emmeline and I. Jason didn't really see anything which suited him just fine since he doesn't like dressing up for Halloween anyway. Emmeline was very upset that she couldn't wear her costume to school today, so hopefully trick or treating will make up for it tonight. She still doesn't quite understand the concept, so I think she'll be delighted when she realizes what it is.

Today is the third straight day it has been raining so naturally I decided to curl my hair. Flashes of brilliance right here. I think my hair caught wind of my hairstyle post from yesterday though because I managed to burn my neck with the curling iron. I'm positive it was retaliation. Jason really is a lucky guy.

And just because this post wouldn't be complete without a selfie, this is my outfit from Monday. It is totally age appropriate, right?

Happy Halloween! Have a great day and be safe!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So, I am at the point where I want to make a change to my hair. This happens fairly often, although I've noticed that I tend to recycle the same 3 styles over and over. My hair used to be really thick but as I've gotten older, it has thinned out a bit. Not surprising considering how easily it falls out. I could knit a sweater with the amount of hair I lose in the shower on a daily basis. (Mmm, hair sweater)

Since I'm indecisive when it comes to styles and I get the stink eye from Jason every time I talk about cutting it super short (what is with men and long hair?), I decided to take a little trip down memory hair lane. Please excuse the poor quality of some the older pictures, I don't have a scanner so I basically was taking pictures of pictures last night.

Let's not forget this little gem. Senior picture for the win. My hair did not look the same as Josie Bissett's from Melrose Place. I was so bummed.

This is about sophomore year in college. Shoulder length bob with bangs. Remember this look, you'll see it again.

My trip to Paris senior year. Note to self: don't get a layered haircut and then not take a hair dryer with you for six weeks. Naturally wavy hair does not cooperate. It looked very cute when styled properly though.

Oh look, the bob is back and I have not been introduced to a straightener yet. Can we forget about my frizz for a minute and focus on the cuteness that is baby Hannah. This girl was the most adorable ball of chubbiness ever. Those cheeks! Now, she's all grown up and getting accepted to college. I'm old.

Loved this haircut. I copied Jenna Elfman from her Dharma and Greg days and it was so easy and cute.

You can't see it very well, but this was one of my favorite haircuts ever. It is basically just another version of the previous style but still loved it. Oh, I'm also 7 months pregnant with Cordie right here (and gigantic).

Oh hey, bob. Nice to see you again (not really). I grew my hair out after Cordie was born into that same boring style again.

Right after Miss Paige was born in 2002. I have a little more style in my hair (razored ends, woo!) but not much. I noticed that I have a suspicious lack of photos from 2003-2007. I believe this is when we first got a digital camera and not many photos survived two computer crashes. 

And this is why I stopped wearing white shirts, woof. This was about 2008, I think. I had gone out to Denver to visit Rachel shortly after Mom died.

This is a nice length for me and about where my hair is now. How cute was Cordie as a competitive cheerleader?

Bangs again, I can't get way from them. Plus, boobs. I was very pregnant with Emmeline so this was Easter 2010.

And again with the bob and bangs.

This was the longest my hair had been in a long time. February 2012 here at my sister's baby shower. Yes, that was a creepy Howdy Doody in the background.

Naturally, I couldn't leave my hair alone and chopped it all off in June 2012. This hairstyle I liked quite a bit, but I didn't keep it short, I just grew it out again. And thank goodness my face isn't that fat anymore.

And this is what my hair looks like today

Any hairstyle advice? Suggestions? Does your man like you to have long hair?

Monday, October 28, 2013


I would do a weekend recap for you, but I honestly did a whole lot of nothing this weekend. I really did feel like a giant slug for most of it. I got the girls Thursday night and then worked from home on Friday. Working from home sounds like a nice perk, but it really isn't. It is so difficult for me to concentrate, let alone have any motivation at all to get real work done. The girls pretty much holed up in their room and played on their various electronic devices. Great quality time.

Saturday, we were supposed to go to my sister's house for a Halloween party, but me being the non-planner that I am, forgot to check the time of the party. I thought it started at 6, but no, it was actually from 3-6. Epic mom fail. Enter guilt. I did manage to drag my sorry ass out of the house and hit up the Redbox, though. I picked up Epic and Megamind so we could have a little movie night. Elsa didn't want to come down as she was too busy trying to beat her score on Mario Kart, but I was not going to fight about it.

Epic was really cute and kind of a new twist on a story that's been told before (ahem, Ferngully). Still, the graphics were amazing and I love the characters, especially the slugs. Megamind, although animated, was really less of a kids' movie I thought. The theme of the movie was really pretty adult. Cordie got bored with it and went upstairs, but I enjoyed it.

I tried to get the girls out of the house to go to the nature trail with us, but apparently none of them brought appropriate footwear. Awesome. So, Jason and I went and did about a 2 mile circuit. He went to rest and I busted out a 1 mile run. Trail runs are hard (especially when a group of Cub Scouts' parents won't move) but I did about an 11:30 mile which is faster than I have been normally running. The Trail Run 5K is this weekend and I'm still undecided about running it.

Last weekend, Jason's brother and sister in law came up for a visit. They were very sweet and took us out to dinner and breakfast. We hit the trail with them, too and I got a few nice pictures. Kayla is due with a little boy at the end of this month and I can't wait to meet him.

I did get Paige and Emmeline in their costumes for a quick picture.

Emmeline and Uncle Jared examining the waterfall


She just had a ball collecting that leaf bouquet all along our walk.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

KC Marathon Recap

So, I'm a few days late, but as usual, I always show up eventually. First off, I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely (almost) mother-in-law! 50 years old today and she doesn't look a day over 40.

Now, on to the recap. Saturday morning dawned bright and early and COLD. I got up (very reluctantly) and had a bowl of oatmeal. I made some coffee and some Grape Spark and took both of them with me. I had a little bag packed with an extra jacket and a couple Clif bars. Since I was doing the relay, I was just planning on handing my bag off to my sister, who was running the leg right before mine.

Surprise, surprise, I did not get left as early as I wanted and I barely made it to the buses before they left to take everyone to the relay points. The buses left at 6:30AM and the race was scheduled to start at 7:05AM. My leg was the 4th starting right around the 17 1/2 mile mark which meant that I had about a 3 hour wait. Fun times.

Another runner and I walked down the street in search of a bathroom and we lucked upon a Panera. We hung out there for about an hour and just chatted. She was really nice and I found out that her group had driven down from Des Moines, IA. She had a son the same age as Hannah so we talked about them going to college next year (eek!) I swear as we walked back to the bus, it had gotten colder so it was at about 34 degrees when it was time for me to run.

Rachel gave me a big hug as she came in to the relay point and then I was off. The first half mile I was feeling great. The atmosphere was good, and I was really optimistic about my run. I had 4.5 miles to go and my leg was really flat so I figured it would be a piece of cake. Wellll, not so much.

After the first mile, I started to get tired. People kept passing me, but I was trying to not focus on others and just keep going. I let myself walk for a few seconds to get in a quick rest and then started running again. Mile 3 was a real struggle for me. I had to walk for a little bit longer each time. I got a Gu at the water station and kept taking little sips of it. It was Green Apple flavored, though and I really didn't care for it, I just needed a little boost. After I hit the 4 mile mark, I just focused on the end. I just had to talk myself through it to keep going. I was absolutely exhausted and my hips were killing me. I was never so happy as when I saw Lacey, the next runner in my group.

After hitting the port-a-potty, I hitched a ride with Lacey's boyfriend to the finish line where I met up with Rachel and the guy who ran the first leg of the race. (The woman who ran the second leg had to leave right after she finished.) The four of us ran together the last .2 miles of the race and crossed the finish line together. Again, huge struggle to run that last bit. Overall, our team finished in 4:47 which was just under a 12 minute mile. I hit my goal and ran my leg in 57 minutes, so I finished in under an hour. Woohoo!
Me, Jeff, Rachel and Lacey weary and ready for our free beer
This is the only picture I got of the whole day
I had several personal takeaways from this race. The first being that I have got to stop thinking that I can run without training. In the grand scheme of things, 4.5 miles is not that long of a distance, but for me it is. Tricking myself into thinking I can handle it without a problem only hurts me in the long run (haha). Secondly, don't eat pizza the night before. My stomach was churning all morning and I even texted Holly telling her that pink pants were a bad idea. I was just hoping I wasn't going to shart myself. Lastly, and I think I've said this before, but I just don't know that I'm cut out to be a runner. Although I desperately want to be, it just seems really difficult to me. So, I'll be mulling that over for a while. Maybe it is just mind over matter, I don't know.

I really do love the running community, though. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and supportive. The marathon itself was very well organized and the route through downtown KC was great. Warmer weather would have been nice, but you can't have everything I suppose. Maybe I should just be a volunteer. We'll see.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Had a Bad Day

So, yesterday was not my best day. We got up as normal and got ready to leave for work only to discover that the car wouldn't start. Super. I had just gone to the grocery store the night before so I didn't know why it stopped working overnight, but cars are funny things. We tried to jumpstart it to no avail so we then had to call for a tow truck. Fortunately, roadside assistance (even though it was actually the driveway) is covered by insurance so that was one less expense.

We have an Enterprise Rent-A-Car close to us so I called and had someone come out to get Jason. "We pick you up" really is a great slogan, and so handy. He got a quick rental for the day (a Dodge Avenger) so we could get to work. Most uncomfortable bucket seats ever. The tow truck got there and loaded up our car to take to the mechanic. Once that was dropped off, we took Emmeline to daycare and headed off to work rolling in around 10AM.
My view from the tow truck.

$300 and one new starter later, our car is fixed and we are broke for the rest of the month. However, I am trying to stay positive because it could have been so much worse. It could have died on me at the grocery store the night before or it could have happened when we didn't have the money to pay for it. Yeah, things are going to be tight, but at least it is fixed before it gets really cold outside.

Yesterday was also a Chili Cook-off food day. Jason made a great chili in the crockpot that simmered all night and smelled and tasted delicious, but he did not win. :( I however, managed to stuff my face with as many desserts as possible. Cookies and cake and major sugar overload. I felt so sick and had a terrible headache last night. Ugh, that junk is just not worth it. Just because it is available doesn't mean you need to shove it down your piehole, Amanda.

A couple good things did come out of yesterday, however. Because I felt so crappy last night, I forced myself out of bed at 4:45AM and got my ass on the treadmill. I hate early morning with a burning passion, but it made me feel so much better to go for a run. Not to mention that I have to run 4.5 miles Saturday morning and I haven't run in two weeks, so I'm slightly more prepared now.

Also, I was introduced to this little gem yesterday. I laughed myself silly. Even if you don't watch Game of Thrones, you will still enjoy this. Totally made my day better.

Today, I've got my red dress on and my ass-kicking shoes and so I'm ready for a better day. What's in store for you today?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Baby Belly (or not)

Yesterday, I was feeling pretty good about how I looked. I had a pretty dress on and was having a good hair day. Then, as I was standing talking to Jason in the hallway at work, a coworker (who I really don't know all that well) asked me if I was pregnant. WHAT?! I laughed it off and told her no, I just have a permanent baby belly. She felt bad (or acted like she did) and tried to play it off. Jason seemed to think it was hilarious but I was just taken aback. However, the more I thought about it, the more it got to me. So I did what any other self respecting woman would do; I posted a picture on Instagram.

Seriously, if you are ever feeling bad about yourself, go to IG. I love all of my followers, they are so sweet and I got the best comments and my day was instantly better. By the way, the dress was a thrift shop find for $5. Stylish and cheap, my favorite.

I have taken several hard looks at myself in the mirror since I started on the whole "weight loss journey" last year and I've come to some conclusions. I like my body as it is. I am soft and rounded and womanly. I will probably always have a round belly and that's okay. I know that I could change my body to become leaner and harder, but I also know that it would be a ton of work. At this point, I'm not ready to commit to that. It is all about mindset. I'm in a comfortable spot and when I'm ready to change, I know I have to move out of my comfort zone. I also know that I have a great support system should I choose to do that.

Good luck to all the ladies out there starting on the Advocare cleanse today! It just wasn't for me, but I do love the Spark drink in Grape. You can always contact Ashley if you want to get on board.

Monday, October 14, 2013

My Weekend

Pretty quiet weekend for me and mine. I didn't even get any pictures. Saturday, I drove to Topeka to watch Paige and Elsa's last soccer game. They did really well and their team won 6-2. I think they almost finished out the season undefeated, so I'm really proud of them.

We drove back home and everyone sacked out in the car except for Emmeline (naturally). By the time we got home, it was really too late to put her down for a nap so I just dealt with the crankiness. Jason whipped up some spaghetti for dinner and we didn't have any leftovers. After I put Miss Em in bed, I set the girls up with a movie and some popcorn and the Jason and I snuck off to a late movie. We saw Rush, which was pretty good. I enjoyed the story about Formula 1 racing, plus it is hard to go wrong with Chris Hemsworth.

Sunday, we went out to the trail for a nice hike. The trail run 5K is coming up on November 2. That was my very first 5K race ever last year so I think I'm going to run it again. It is a tough course with rocks and tree roots everywhere, but I want to beat my time.

After that, we took all the girls to Costco to pick up our large bulk items for the next couple of weeks. Everyone was really good (no whining!) which made shopping so much easier. I was eyeballing the gift boxes of chocolate truffles if anyone is looking for a gift for me. ;)

I am really liking this new show, Sleepy Hollow. Is anyone else watching it? I'm also excited for Grimm to start back up, not to mention Biggest Loser starts tomorrow! 

The KC Marathon is Saturday in which I will be running 4.5 miles as part of a relay team. I a little nervous because I haven't run that long of a distance in quite a while. My goal is to get some practice runs in this week so I'll be ready. I want to get it done in under an hour because I am still a very slow runner. I just think the atmosphere is going to be amazing. I have never been to a big of a race as this is going to be.

What are you excited for this week?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Random Stuff About Me

My lovely friend, Holly, surprised me today by giving me a little shout out and I wasn't prepared with a blog post! So, I thought I'd throw a few random things about myself out there that you may or may not know.

I rarely get to see movies in the theater. Ususally when I do, it is with the girls so we always hit up the grocery store for the cheap candy first. No way in hell am I paying $4 for a box of Junior Mints (my personal must have movie candy). Then, my girls always make fun of me for tearing up at emotional movie trailers.

I love bright colors and my favorite color ever is and always will be orange. You don't want to know how many orange items of clothing I own. I very rarely will wear a plain white t-shirt. I just don't think it flatters me (I'm a Spring). Oddly enough, I'm wearing one today. Anyone else see that pig flying outside?

I'm obsessed with kids' names. I'm very proud of all my girls' names and get compliments on them all the time. (Duh, because they're awesome). I even had a fun linkup about it and really, really enjoyed reading everyone's posts.

I am the oldest of 4 siblings and also the shortest (I'm 5'4"). My sisters love to give me crap about it. I don't think Hannah is going to get any taller so at 5'3", I'm still taller. Victory! Cordie, however, will be passing me up in no time. I think Paige and Elsa are going to be on the shorter side, but Emmeline will probably be taller than all of us. My ex is 5'9" and Jason is 6'2" so I think that's going to make all the difference.

I intensely dislike cold weather. I really wish I could move to somewhere that is warm year round, but you know, responsibilities and whatnot. Living in the Midwest does have its perks (I'll think of them at some point), but I'll take tropical any day of the week.

I'm a total dork and I have a weird sense of humor. Most of the time, I'm the only one laughing at my jokes, but if you can't laugh at yourself then what fun is there?

I've got the girls this weekend, so I have to come up with some fun and free activities since Momma's broke until payday. No way do I want to be stuck inside all weekend with five bored kids or someone won't make it out alive.

Have a great weekend everyone!