Thursday, October 31, 2013

Imma Bee

Recently, I have had several of those online boutique shops start following me on Instagram, but I have no idea why. Those bathroom selfies are finally starting to pay off! I am about the farthest thing from a fashion blogger as you can get. I mean, I don't even own a statement necklace people! When it comes to clothes, I am cheap which is why my wardrobe consists of Target, Old Navy and thrift shop finds. However, if one of these boutiques wants to take me under their wing, I would be happy to style the shit out of their clothes. Just because I don't have money doesn't mean I don't have taste.

Jason and I had been invited to a Halloween party tonight, but weren't sure if we were going to go. We finally made the decision last night to just suck it up and have a good time since we never get to hang out with friends. We stopped at Kmart last night to look at costumes and unintentionally got matching bee costumes for Emmeline and I. Jason didn't really see anything which suited him just fine since he doesn't like dressing up for Halloween anyway. Emmeline was very upset that she couldn't wear her costume to school today, so hopefully trick or treating will make up for it tonight. She still doesn't quite understand the concept, so I think she'll be delighted when she realizes what it is.

Today is the third straight day it has been raining so naturally I decided to curl my hair. Flashes of brilliance right here. I think my hair caught wind of my hairstyle post from yesterday though because I managed to burn my neck with the curling iron. I'm positive it was retaliation. Jason really is a lucky guy.

And just because this post wouldn't be complete without a selfie, this is my outfit from Monday. It is totally age appropriate, right?

Happy Halloween! Have a great day and be safe!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So, I am at the point where I want to make a change to my hair. This happens fairly often, although I've noticed that I tend to recycle the same 3 styles over and over. My hair used to be really thick but as I've gotten older, it has thinned out a bit. Not surprising considering how easily it falls out. I could knit a sweater with the amount of hair I lose in the shower on a daily basis. (Mmm, hair sweater)

Since I'm indecisive when it comes to styles and I get the stink eye from Jason every time I talk about cutting it super short (what is with men and long hair?), I decided to take a little trip down memory hair lane. Please excuse the poor quality of some the older pictures, I don't have a scanner so I basically was taking pictures of pictures last night.

Let's not forget this little gem. Senior picture for the win. My hair did not look the same as Josie Bissett's from Melrose Place. I was so bummed.

This is about sophomore year in college. Shoulder length bob with bangs. Remember this look, you'll see it again.

My trip to Paris senior year. Note to self: don't get a layered haircut and then not take a hair dryer with you for six weeks. Naturally wavy hair does not cooperate. It looked very cute when styled properly though.

Oh look, the bob is back and I have not been introduced to a straightener yet. Can we forget about my frizz for a minute and focus on the cuteness that is baby Hannah. This girl was the most adorable ball of chubbiness ever. Those cheeks! Now, she's all grown up and getting accepted to college. I'm old.

Loved this haircut. I copied Jenna Elfman from her Dharma and Greg days and it was so easy and cute.

You can't see it very well, but this was one of my favorite haircuts ever. It is basically just another version of the previous style but still loved it. Oh, I'm also 7 months pregnant with Cordie right here (and gigantic).

Oh hey, bob. Nice to see you again (not really). I grew my hair out after Cordie was born into that same boring style again.

Right after Miss Paige was born in 2002. I have a little more style in my hair (razored ends, woo!) but not much. I noticed that I have a suspicious lack of photos from 2003-2007. I believe this is when we first got a digital camera and not many photos survived two computer crashes. 

And this is why I stopped wearing white shirts, woof. This was about 2008, I think. I had gone out to Denver to visit Rachel shortly after Mom died.

This is a nice length for me and about where my hair is now. How cute was Cordie as a competitive cheerleader?

Bangs again, I can't get way from them. Plus, boobs. I was very pregnant with Emmeline so this was Easter 2010.

And again with the bob and bangs.

This was the longest my hair had been in a long time. February 2012 here at my sister's baby shower. Yes, that was a creepy Howdy Doody in the background.

Naturally, I couldn't leave my hair alone and chopped it all off in June 2012. This hairstyle I liked quite a bit, but I didn't keep it short, I just grew it out again. And thank goodness my face isn't that fat anymore.

And this is what my hair looks like today

Any hairstyle advice? Suggestions? Does your man like you to have long hair?

Monday, October 28, 2013


I would do a weekend recap for you, but I honestly did a whole lot of nothing this weekend. I really did feel like a giant slug for most of it. I got the girls Thursday night and then worked from home on Friday. Working from home sounds like a nice perk, but it really isn't. It is so difficult for me to concentrate, let alone have any motivation at all to get real work done. The girls pretty much holed up in their room and played on their various electronic devices. Great quality time.

Saturday, we were supposed to go to my sister's house for a Halloween party, but me being the non-planner that I am, forgot to check the time of the party. I thought it started at 6, but no, it was actually from 3-6. Epic mom fail. Enter guilt. I did manage to drag my sorry ass out of the house and hit up the Redbox, though. I picked up Epic and Megamind so we could have a little movie night. Elsa didn't want to come down as she was too busy trying to beat her score on Mario Kart, but I was not going to fight about it.

Epic was really cute and kind of a new twist on a story that's been told before (ahem, Ferngully). Still, the graphics were amazing and I love the characters, especially the slugs. Megamind, although animated, was really less of a kids' movie I thought. The theme of the movie was really pretty adult. Cordie got bored with it and went upstairs, but I enjoyed it.

I tried to get the girls out of the house to go to the nature trail with us, but apparently none of them brought appropriate footwear. Awesome. So, Jason and I went and did about a 2 mile circuit. He went to rest and I busted out a 1 mile run. Trail runs are hard (especially when a group of Cub Scouts' parents won't move) but I did about an 11:30 mile which is faster than I have been normally running. The Trail Run 5K is this weekend and I'm still undecided about running it.

Last weekend, Jason's brother and sister in law came up for a visit. They were very sweet and took us out to dinner and breakfast. We hit the trail with them, too and I got a few nice pictures. Kayla is due with a little boy at the end of this month and I can't wait to meet him.

I did get Paige and Emmeline in their costumes for a quick picture.

Emmeline and Uncle Jared examining the waterfall


She just had a ball collecting that leaf bouquet all along our walk.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

KC Marathon Recap

So, I'm a few days late, but as usual, I always show up eventually. First off, I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely (almost) mother-in-law! 50 years old today and she doesn't look a day over 40.

Now, on to the recap. Saturday morning dawned bright and early and COLD. I got up (very reluctantly) and had a bowl of oatmeal. I made some coffee and some Grape Spark and took both of them with me. I had a little bag packed with an extra jacket and a couple Clif bars. Since I was doing the relay, I was just planning on handing my bag off to my sister, who was running the leg right before mine.

Surprise, surprise, I did not get left as early as I wanted and I barely made it to the buses before they left to take everyone to the relay points. The buses left at 6:30AM and the race was scheduled to start at 7:05AM. My leg was the 4th starting right around the 17 1/2 mile mark which meant that I had about a 3 hour wait. Fun times.

Another runner and I walked down the street in search of a bathroom and we lucked upon a Panera. We hung out there for about an hour and just chatted. She was really nice and I found out that her group had driven down from Des Moines, IA. She had a son the same age as Hannah so we talked about them going to college next year (eek!) I swear as we walked back to the bus, it had gotten colder so it was at about 34 degrees when it was time for me to run.

Rachel gave me a big hug as she came in to the relay point and then I was off. The first half mile I was feeling great. The atmosphere was good, and I was really optimistic about my run. I had 4.5 miles to go and my leg was really flat so I figured it would be a piece of cake. Wellll, not so much.

After the first mile, I started to get tired. People kept passing me, but I was trying to not focus on others and just keep going. I let myself walk for a few seconds to get in a quick rest and then started running again. Mile 3 was a real struggle for me. I had to walk for a little bit longer each time. I got a Gu at the water station and kept taking little sips of it. It was Green Apple flavored, though and I really didn't care for it, I just needed a little boost. After I hit the 4 mile mark, I just focused on the end. I just had to talk myself through it to keep going. I was absolutely exhausted and my hips were killing me. I was never so happy as when I saw Lacey, the next runner in my group.

After hitting the port-a-potty, I hitched a ride with Lacey's boyfriend to the finish line where I met up with Rachel and the guy who ran the first leg of the race. (The woman who ran the second leg had to leave right after she finished.) The four of us ran together the last .2 miles of the race and crossed the finish line together. Again, huge struggle to run that last bit. Overall, our team finished in 4:47 which was just under a 12 minute mile. I hit my goal and ran my leg in 57 minutes, so I finished in under an hour. Woohoo!
Me, Jeff, Rachel and Lacey weary and ready for our free beer
This is the only picture I got of the whole day
I had several personal takeaways from this race. The first being that I have got to stop thinking that I can run without training. In the grand scheme of things, 4.5 miles is not that long of a distance, but for me it is. Tricking myself into thinking I can handle it without a problem only hurts me in the long run (haha). Secondly, don't eat pizza the night before. My stomach was churning all morning and I even texted Holly telling her that pink pants were a bad idea. I was just hoping I wasn't going to shart myself. Lastly, and I think I've said this before, but I just don't know that I'm cut out to be a runner. Although I desperately want to be, it just seems really difficult to me. So, I'll be mulling that over for a while. Maybe it is just mind over matter, I don't know.

I really do love the running community, though. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and supportive. The marathon itself was very well organized and the route through downtown KC was great. Warmer weather would have been nice, but you can't have everything I suppose. Maybe I should just be a volunteer. We'll see.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Had a Bad Day

So, yesterday was not my best day. We got up as normal and got ready to leave for work only to discover that the car wouldn't start. Super. I had just gone to the grocery store the night before so I didn't know why it stopped working overnight, but cars are funny things. We tried to jumpstart it to no avail so we then had to call for a tow truck. Fortunately, roadside assistance (even though it was actually the driveway) is covered by insurance so that was one less expense.

We have an Enterprise Rent-A-Car close to us so I called and had someone come out to get Jason. "We pick you up" really is a great slogan, and so handy. He got a quick rental for the day (a Dodge Avenger) so we could get to work. Most uncomfortable bucket seats ever. The tow truck got there and loaded up our car to take to the mechanic. Once that was dropped off, we took Emmeline to daycare and headed off to work rolling in around 10AM.
My view from the tow truck.

$300 and one new starter later, our car is fixed and we are broke for the rest of the month. However, I am trying to stay positive because it could have been so much worse. It could have died on me at the grocery store the night before or it could have happened when we didn't have the money to pay for it. Yeah, things are going to be tight, but at least it is fixed before it gets really cold outside.

Yesterday was also a Chili Cook-off food day. Jason made a great chili in the crockpot that simmered all night and smelled and tasted delicious, but he did not win. :( I however, managed to stuff my face with as many desserts as possible. Cookies and cake and major sugar overload. I felt so sick and had a terrible headache last night. Ugh, that junk is just not worth it. Just because it is available doesn't mean you need to shove it down your piehole, Amanda.

A couple good things did come out of yesterday, however. Because I felt so crappy last night, I forced myself out of bed at 4:45AM and got my ass on the treadmill. I hate early morning with a burning passion, but it made me feel so much better to go for a run. Not to mention that I have to run 4.5 miles Saturday morning and I haven't run in two weeks, so I'm slightly more prepared now.

Also, I was introduced to this little gem yesterday. I laughed myself silly. Even if you don't watch Game of Thrones, you will still enjoy this. Totally made my day better.

Today, I've got my red dress on and my ass-kicking shoes and so I'm ready for a better day. What's in store for you today?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Baby Belly (or not)

Yesterday, I was feeling pretty good about how I looked. I had a pretty dress on and was having a good hair day. Then, as I was standing talking to Jason in the hallway at work, a coworker (who I really don't know all that well) asked me if I was pregnant. WHAT?! I laughed it off and told her no, I just have a permanent baby belly. She felt bad (or acted like she did) and tried to play it off. Jason seemed to think it was hilarious but I was just taken aback. However, the more I thought about it, the more it got to me. So I did what any other self respecting woman would do; I posted a picture on Instagram.

Seriously, if you are ever feeling bad about yourself, go to IG. I love all of my followers, they are so sweet and I got the best comments and my day was instantly better. By the way, the dress was a thrift shop find for $5. Stylish and cheap, my favorite.

I have taken several hard looks at myself in the mirror since I started on the whole "weight loss journey" last year and I've come to some conclusions. I like my body as it is. I am soft and rounded and womanly. I will probably always have a round belly and that's okay. I know that I could change my body to become leaner and harder, but I also know that it would be a ton of work. At this point, I'm not ready to commit to that. It is all about mindset. I'm in a comfortable spot and when I'm ready to change, I know I have to move out of my comfort zone. I also know that I have a great support system should I choose to do that.

Good luck to all the ladies out there starting on the Advocare cleanse today! It just wasn't for me, but I do love the Spark drink in Grape. You can always contact Ashley if you want to get on board.

Monday, October 14, 2013

My Weekend

Pretty quiet weekend for me and mine. I didn't even get any pictures. Saturday, I drove to Topeka to watch Paige and Elsa's last soccer game. They did really well and their team won 6-2. I think they almost finished out the season undefeated, so I'm really proud of them.

We drove back home and everyone sacked out in the car except for Emmeline (naturally). By the time we got home, it was really too late to put her down for a nap so I just dealt with the crankiness. Jason whipped up some spaghetti for dinner and we didn't have any leftovers. After I put Miss Em in bed, I set the girls up with a movie and some popcorn and the Jason and I snuck off to a late movie. We saw Rush, which was pretty good. I enjoyed the story about Formula 1 racing, plus it is hard to go wrong with Chris Hemsworth.

Sunday, we went out to the trail for a nice hike. The trail run 5K is coming up on November 2. That was my very first 5K race ever last year so I think I'm going to run it again. It is a tough course with rocks and tree roots everywhere, but I want to beat my time.

After that, we took all the girls to Costco to pick up our large bulk items for the next couple of weeks. Everyone was really good (no whining!) which made shopping so much easier. I was eyeballing the gift boxes of chocolate truffles if anyone is looking for a gift for me. ;)

I am really liking this new show, Sleepy Hollow. Is anyone else watching it? I'm also excited for Grimm to start back up, not to mention Biggest Loser starts tomorrow! 

The KC Marathon is Saturday in which I will be running 4.5 miles as part of a relay team. I a little nervous because I haven't run that long of a distance in quite a while. My goal is to get some practice runs in this week so I'll be ready. I want to get it done in under an hour because I am still a very slow runner. I just think the atmosphere is going to be amazing. I have never been to a big of a race as this is going to be.

What are you excited for this week?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Random Stuff About Me

My lovely friend, Holly, surprised me today by giving me a little shout out and I wasn't prepared with a blog post! So, I thought I'd throw a few random things about myself out there that you may or may not know.

I rarely get to see movies in the theater. Ususally when I do, it is with the girls so we always hit up the grocery store for the cheap candy first. No way in hell am I paying $4 for a box of Junior Mints (my personal must have movie candy). Then, my girls always make fun of me for tearing up at emotional movie trailers.

I love bright colors and my favorite color ever is and always will be orange. You don't want to know how many orange items of clothing I own. I very rarely will wear a plain white t-shirt. I just don't think it flatters me (I'm a Spring). Oddly enough, I'm wearing one today. Anyone else see that pig flying outside?

I'm obsessed with kids' names. I'm very proud of all my girls' names and get compliments on them all the time. (Duh, because they're awesome). I even had a fun linkup about it and really, really enjoyed reading everyone's posts.

I am the oldest of 4 siblings and also the shortest (I'm 5'4"). My sisters love to give me crap about it. I don't think Hannah is going to get any taller so at 5'3", I'm still taller. Victory! Cordie, however, will be passing me up in no time. I think Paige and Elsa are going to be on the shorter side, but Emmeline will probably be taller than all of us. My ex is 5'9" and Jason is 6'2" so I think that's going to make all the difference.

I intensely dislike cold weather. I really wish I could move to somewhere that is warm year round, but you know, responsibilities and whatnot. Living in the Midwest does have its perks (I'll think of them at some point), but I'll take tropical any day of the week.

I'm a total dork and I have a weird sense of humor. Most of the time, I'm the only one laughing at my jokes, but if you can't laugh at yourself then what fun is there?

I've got the girls this weekend, so I have to come up with some fun and free activities since Momma's broke until payday. No way do I want to be stuck inside all weekend with five bored kids or someone won't make it out alive.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Daddy Role

Whenever you meet someone and fall in love, maybe you talk about having kids, maybe you don't. You don't know what kind of parent you are going to be (although some people have it all planned in their heads) and you probably aren't sure what type of parent your partner will be. Some people step up to the plate and handle it amazingly. Some people can't hack it and choose not to be a parent; men and women included here.

When I first met Jason, he was at a point where he didn't want to have kids. He wasn't comfortable around them and he didn't think that he would know how to handle parenting one. When we found out about our little surprise baby, he was nervous, but he hung in there with me. He was right by my side during her very long labor (stubborn kid) and he jumped in with the diaper changing and bathing. He stayed home with her two days a week when I went back to work and got in some daddy-daughter bonding time.

He may have freaked out a little bit when she got her first fever when he was home alone with her, but got through it very well. He still hates it when she's sick because he just wants to fix it and make it all better. He is an excellent disciplinarian and she knows when daddy means business. My heart melts when he sits and reads to her or just snuggles with her on the couch.

This morning when I was in the shower, he got Emmeline up as usual only to find that she had peed in her bed. This is something we're still working on and the accidents are becoming fewer. However, she then ran to the bathroom only to not make it in time and had diarrhea. Again, he stepped up like a champ and got her cleaned up, gave her a bath and got her dressed, all the while keeping calm even though there was shit everywhere. I even offered to help, but he turned me down and took care of it.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of him and how lucky I feel that he has become such a caring an nurturing father to Emmeline. We are still working on the step-father role, but the daddy role is secure. I hope this little munchkin knows how lucky she is.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

House Woes

Buying a new house is supposed to be exciting and memorable and a dream come true, right? Not so much when you are young and naive and purchasing at the height of the real estate bubble. I've talked a little bit about our house before a year ago when we had a lot of things going wrong. Unfortunately, some of those things are still unfixed and now new things are cropping up.

Our house is a row house which means that it is attached on either side. Think of a duplex, but with eight dwellings in a row. To our right, on the end of the building, is an older couple who are always home and who raise and lower the garage door 20 times a day. To our left is a couple (I think) whom we never see, who are not friendly, but are very loud. Who needs cable when I can just listen to whatever he's watching?

Jason bought the house with his ex-wife at a really inflated price so now he is underwater on the mortgage. We would love to sell it, but due to the market being crap and the condition of the house, we would maybe get 60-70% of what is owed. We even talked about walking away from it and letting it go into foreclosure, but really, that is not a viable option as he doesn't need to have that on his credit. Plus, it would be giant hassle with the mortgage company.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this post, I'm just at a loss as to what to do. I typically take a wait and see approach to things, but how long can we wait until the roof needs to be replaced (or caves in) or the furnance stops working in the middle of winter? I keep thinking that something is going to happen to make it all better, but I'm fooling myself (where is that goddamned fairy godmother?). It is just frustrating to feel helpless in situations where you want to better yourself.

No pity party for me, though. I am off to research solutions. And if anyone has any suggestions, comments, (knows any arsonists - kidding!) just let me know.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Fab Friday

I don't know about you all, but I am so happy it is Friday. I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend... oh wait, I have a three year old. Well, I won't have to work anyway. I'm joining in on the Friday link up fun with Darci so here are my Friday 5.

1. I received the sweetest email from a reader this morning. She told me how much she enjoyed reading my blog and how she missed it when I was on my blogging hiatus. So, Rebecca, thank you so much my dear! You totally made my day.

2. Jason was asked to write a blog post for our corporate website since he has been involved in a recent Lean/Six Sigma initiative. This will actually be read by a wide audience and even though he was freaking out about it, I am so proud of him. Now, about that guest post I asked him to do...
Jason headshot 2 photo f44a10d9-1168-480c-b45c-de6d28a0bebb_zps5be381cc.jpg

3. I got my second ever Nature Box last night and once again, it was chock full of great snacks. French Toast Granola, Honeycomb Sunflower Kernels and Pear Praline Crunch, just to name a few. This is definitely the best monthly subscription I've ever had.

4. I got registered for the KC Marathon yesterday! No, I'm not running the marathon, I'm running the relay with four other ladies, but I'm still excited about it. The course is through downtown KC and it looks so well organized and I think it is going to be really fun. It is October 19 and I'm pretty pumped about it.

5. Lastly, Jason and I are planning a little getaway trip for next month. We aren't going far, but I am still looking forward to getting away and having some fun with my best friend.
That's all, my friends, make it a good one!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


I honestly don't have that much going on right now, so I thought I'd throw out some random things to talk about.

I mentioned before that Emmeline is obsessed with movies and wants to watch one (or two) every night. I decided that we needed to start limiting her TV time and last night was one of our first no TV nights. Girlfriend didn't know what to do with herself. I was trying to make dinner and she kept wandering into the kitchen saying, "I need you". Finally, she pulled out some of her toys and discovered her talking Elmo (kill me) and that kept her entertained for quite a while. She also found a bag of alphabet magnets and she was very excited to stick them all up on the fridge and singing her ABCs 20 times.

Jason got a flu shot yesterday and he was hurting last night. His shoulders were tense and his arm hurt and I think he had a bit of a fever. Poor guy. Being the awesome girlfriend that I am, I rubbed his shoulders and put some Icy Hot on them, made him take some Tylenol and sent him to bed. He was passed out sprawled out across the entire bed when I came upstairs.

I decided I was going to try and challenge myself to do 300 crunches per day for the next 30 days, or 28 rather, since I started two days ago. The past two mornings before my shower, I have gotten them done. I'm just doing a combination of different types since I don't think I could do 300 straight crunches in a row. I did this same thing last year and I got pretty good results. I think there is something on Pinterest about it, but I haven't looked for the pin.

My hair is a hot mess of bobby pins and hairspray today. I didn't wash it so I was trying to put it up in a cute way. I just starting pinning it up randomly and then sprayed the shit out of it. Oh well, the front looks cute at least.

It is supposed to be cold and rainy the next few days (have I mentioned how much I hate cold weather) which does not bode well for outside running. Guess I'll just have to suck it up and do it anyway. I really need to get more practice runs in before the marathon relay in a few weeks. It is one thing to have a slow time for yourself, but there is a little more pressure when you're part of a team.

That's about it for today, guess I'll actually get some work done. Have a lovely Thursday!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Make it Happen

When I was younger, I always felt like I was going to grow up and be someone famous or important. I wanted people to know who I was. As I got older, it became glaringly apparent that it wasn't going to happen as I imagined it. Once again, the grand plans in my head never materialized and real life set in.

In the past few years, I have done a lot of soul searching. I need to find out how to be a better me so I can translate that into being a better mom to my kids and partner to Jason. Something I have come to realize is that I have never been truly happy with where I am in life. I'm always looking for the next best thing; wishing that I had more money, more friends, better car, etc. because then I would be happy. Last night as I was tossing and turning struggling to sleep, I was trying to probe the recesses of my mind as to why my happy was dependent upon those things.

This little bit of introspection was brought on by a conversation/fight with Jason. He knows that I will bury things deep down so I don't have to think about them, and he pushes me out of my comfort zone in order to bring those things to the surface. But because I'm stubborn, I get pissed and fight rather than deal with my feelings. Therapy, I need it.

Regardless, it got me thinking that I can't continue to spend the rest of my life wishing for things to make me happy. I need to make my own happiness. I want to travel somewhere and take a vacation. Start setting aside money now so we can do that next year. I want to stop being so damn lazy all the time and get my ass to exercising more. Talk about it. Tell Jason if I want to go for a run so maybe he can get dinner ready one night. I need to stop planning things in my head and expect them to happen perfectly without a little work on my part.

I need to accept that I am probably not ever going to be a movie star but maybe I could become a top level executive if I did more than the bare minimum at work (again, laziness). My company offers a tuition program that I should take advantage of to get my masters degree.

The point of this whole post is really just some self actualization. Stop wishing for things and instead make shit happen for myself. Get busy livin' or get busy dying.

What is your definition of success? What do you do to make the most of the life you have?