Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Emmeline aka my Monkey

We have been very lucky to have avoided any major sickness so far this year, but lately Emmeline keeps trying to give me cause for worry. Thursday morning she woke up crying and complaining that her ear hurt. I feared we were facing another ear infection so I gave her some Motrin and stayed home with her. I needn't have bothered. She was absolutely fine all day long and has not mentioned a peep about her ear since. Monkey.

Coloring with Daddy at IHOP
On Sunday, I took the girls over to my aunt's house for our annual sugar cookie making fiesta. Everyone always enjoys it because they basically get free reign to roll out, cut out and decorate cookies however they want. Emmeline, as usual, wanted to do it all by herself so we had a little struggle of wills as I tried to help her out. She seemed to a little out of sorts however, because she kept going to the bathroom to pee. She seriously went like 20 times that day, plus she kept having accidents and peeing in her pants. Added to the fact that she said it hurt when she peed and I was convinced she had a UTI.

"I not tired!" Yeah, right
Monday, I stayed home with her (again) and got her in to see the doctor. Naturally, she didn't seem to be having any issues any longer. She peed in a cup like a champ and sat very good for the doctor. The pee test came negative (really?) but the dr. did say that her ear looked rather red (interesting). She gave me a contingent prescription in case her ear gets worse or if she starts running a fever. Negative on both counts so far.

Chillin at the dr.'s office
And because I didn't have enough cause to worry, let's throw in an eye test just for fun. Her daycare had someone come in and do a preliminary vision test and hers came back inconclusive and they recommended a screening by an optometrist. Her appointment was at 5:30 and she had managed to fall asleep right before we had to leave the house so she was not at her ideal happy state. She did pretty good at the eye doctor, but was very wiggly and kind of out of control at some points. I really enjoyed wrestling her to the floor to get her coat on and having her fight with me as I carried her to the car. Good times. At least she doesn't have to get glasses. Her vision is a little weaker in her right eye, but since she is still developing and growing the dr. just recommended that she get yearly checkups. Whew!

This little girl just loves to keep me on my toes, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. She's a very beautiful monkey.

  2. Everything's a battle at this age, huh? Do what you gotta do:-)