Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Softball and Sore Muscles

I played my once a year requisite softball games this past weekend for Corporate Challenge. We had a pretty good team and ended up with 5th place in our division. It was a really good time and I felt a lot more athletic than I have in past years, although I am not even close to being a really good player. I played softball when I was a kid, but was never any good. I was stuck out in right field and mostly bored. I never really learned all the rules and nuances of the game and I regret that now. Softball is a lot of fun and I may see if I can get on a coed team this summer. Plus, I don't want to feel like the weak link on the team every year.

I've got track events that I'm participating in this week. I'm doing the mile run and the 400 meter and maybe the 400 meter relay. I'm pretty excited to do this even though I'm still not a very fast runner. Two years ago, I was talked into doing the 800 m run and I tricked myself into thinking that I could run it with no problem. Wrong. I couldn't make it one lap around the track without stopping to walk and getting myself disqualified. That was humiliating. This year, I know that I can run that distance with no problem. I may not get first, but at least I will not be disqualified again.

I mentioned yesterday that I've been doing a couple different challenges that I set for myself this month. One of those is a squat challenge. I started off with a set of 10 squats in 3 different positions and have been adding one squat to each position each day so I should be at 100 by the end of the month (unless my math is wrong). Doing squats plus softball plus running equals my legs on fire. Yesterday was by far the worst. I cringed every time I had to get up from my desk because it hurt so much. I did go for a little walk yesterday afternoon though, and that helped out a lot, although wedge heels are probably not the best option for a jaunt around the walking trail.

Anyone else doing some personal challenges this month?