Monday, June 17, 2013

A Mullet, a Blate and a PR

Busy weekend for me, but it was a good one! Friday night after work, we stopped at Old Navy because I wanted to look at some of their workout clothes, plus I needed some new shorts. I didn't really love any of the active wear, but I did find two pairs of denim shorts that fit me perfectly in a size 6. (squee!) Jason got himself a new pair of cargo shorts and a couple shirts and of course, Emmeline had to pick out some new clothes too.

Saturday morning, we got up and headed over to the bowling alley for some corporate challenge fun. My first two games were nothing to get excited about with scores of 100 and 99, respectively. The third game was the kicker, however because I bowled a 144. Pretty good score for me as I am not a regular bowler. I have no idea where we placed in our division, but it was still fun. Plus, there was this:

It was permed and it was beautiful
After bowling, we ran back home to finish packing and get on the road to Joplin. The drive was fairly easy until we were about 20 miles away. Then the heavens decided to open up and it absolutely poured. It got so bad that visibility was practically nothing. Best driving conditions ever. We made it to the house in one piece and then played the waiting game to find out if the race was going to be canceled. They were sending out periodic emails with updates and I was hoping that they weren't going to have to postpone it. Finally, the rain abated and the race was on.
I was thinking that I was going to be cold so we swung by Target and I bought a zip up jacket to wear. However, by the time we got there, it was starting to get really humid and muggy so I didn't end up wearing it. I met up with Darci and Julie (whose blog name I don't know) and hung out and chatted until the race started. Ashlee and her husband showed up a little bit later as they had a flat tire they had to deal with. There was a kids' 1 mile fun run to start off with and it was the cutest thing. It totally made me want to have my girls start running with me. The 10K runners were off next and then the 5K'ers.

The course was on a trail that was pretty flat and it was just and out and back type trail. All that hill running in my neighborhood really did me some good because I didn't think it was bad at all. I started out pacing with Ashlee and we were doing pretty good until we started to pass some slower runners and then she pulled ahead of me. I concentrated on keeping a good pace and keeping my breathing in check. I actually felt really good during the whole race right up until the last half mile. I caught up with Ashlee and the halfway turnaround point and ended up passing her. They were offering water and Gatorade and I chose the Gatorade since I had trained with it before, but this stuff was nasty. It was Lemon-Lime flavor (I think) and it was extremely sweet and salty at the same time. The taste pretty much sat in the back of my throat for the rest of the race. I kept my pace up, though and I had my Nike+ app going which had me at about a 12 minute mile. The last half mile I started to struggle and got really tired, but I did not stop going. I kicked it into gear at the end and sprinted across the finish line. My official time was 38:31. It was a little slower than I wanted, but it was still a PR and I ran the whole way. I did stop to take a drink at the water station, but other than that, I never walked. First time!

Me, Darci, Ashlee and Julie
 It was a fun race and I really enjoyed myself at this one and I was not super stressed. Meeting my fellow bloggers is always fun, too. Now, it is time to start my half training!

Sunday morning was pretty low key. We went out to breakfast with Jason's dad and sister and my inner fatty thought it was necessary to eat everything in sight. Never mind that the omelet would have been enough, let's throw in hash browns and pancakes too. I was ridiculously full and went back to the house and took a nap. Still, I didn't eat again until dinner.

Emmeline got to enjoy some late birthday presents including a new tricycle. Jason got it put together (with Em's help of course) and she went riding around outside for a while. We headed back home around 4:00 so we had some downtime before bed and then getting up for work.

All in all, we had a great weekend with friends and family and I think we might be fully potty trained! Woohoo!