Monday, June 24, 2013

St. Louis, Friends and Beer

I'm back at work today after my epic weekend of fun in St. Louis and I'm doing everything I can to get out of actually working. I really just want to go back to bed and sleep for a few more hours. That car alarm going off at 5AM was not appreciated this morning.

On to the weekend recap! Friday morning I actually got my ass in gear because I wanted to get some things done before I headed out. I got a short run in and then had Enterprise pick me up for my rental car. Got back and took a shower and then took way too long to pack. I also packed way too much but that's pretty typical. I stopped and got my second pedicure ever and then did a little Old Navy shopping because I needed more clothes to stuff into my suitcase.

The drive was easy, I've done it a million times before. I did stop off in Rocheport, MO to pick up a couple of bottles of wine for Holly and Chris (isn't that what you do when you go to someone's house?). Rocheport actually has kind of weird sentimentality for me. After my parents divorced and we went to spend weekends at my dad's house, they always met in Rocheport. Apparently, it was the middlemost point between their houses. It is a little rinky-dink town, but this winery has just grown so much so I always like to support their business.
Riverboat Red is my favorite
Friday night with the girls was a blast. Highlights of the evening were; "Big Holly's Beer Camp, Creeping on HJ in the window, Kimmy and Ashley having a beer chugging contest, Ashley breaking the valet parking sign, Drunk Kimmy and a Jack in the Box run at 1AM.

Holly warned us about Olive Betty waking up bright and early and she was not kidding. I was on the floor on the air mattress and it was too irresistible for her. She kept jumping on it and patting my head to get me to wake up. Fortunately, she's too cute to be mad at. 
Chauncey was just hovering waiting for her to drip
Saturday consisted of going out to lunch and meeting Mel's blogless friend Laura and her husband and then going on a brewery tour of Schlafly Bottleworks. It was actually less of a tour and more of a presentation with video and beer tasting, but it was still fun.

That night, we just hung out at Mel's house while her hubby grilled and we all enjoyed some more drinks. Live entertainment was provided by Miss Elle while Wes charmed all the ladies. Great food and friends, but it made me a little homesick and I was wishing that Jason and the girls were there to enjoy it with me. Laura and Ashley and I did manage to go next door to tour the model home that was open, though. It was beautiful and huge and I'll be moving in as soon as I win the lottery. Mel's really looking forward to having me as a neighbor.

Sunday, we were all sad to leave and no one was looking forward to the drive. We had a good breakfast at Country Kitchen with a not so good waitress and then it was hugs and goodbyes.

Holly, Mel, Me, Kimmy and Ashley

I decided that I was going to stop off in Columbia at Iron Tiger Tattoo because I was tired of putting it off and I wanted to get it done. Morgan drew up the words and got to work and did a fantastic job. It hurt like a mofo, especially right under my ankle, but it was so worth it and I absolutely love it!

Ignore my wrinkly foot, it was a weird angle to take a picture
Naturally, it decided to begin monsooning as soon as I left the shop and the storm continued for about 45 minutes. Nothing like torrential downpour and 40 mph winds to keep you alert while driving. I made it home safely though and snuggled with my baby. I can't wait to see my other girls this weekend. I miss them tons.

Such a fun weekend and I am again amazed that I have been able to make such good friends through blogging. Now, if we only lived closer!