Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Smile, it's good for your face

Good morning and Happy Wednesday to everyone! Sorry for being MIA the past week, did you miss me? I just haven't been feeling like blogging much so rather than force it, I just took a break.

I've actually been in a really good place mentally lately. I'm feeling good about myself and in just a general happy state of mind. Even though work has been super busy and stressful, I haven't let it get to me. Plus, if you follow me on Instagram, you saw that this happened this weekend.

I actually wore a bikini in public for the first time in 14 years and felt good doing it. Yes, I still have stretch marks and loose skin but I think I looked pretty good. Hannah told me that I need to get my belly button pierced again since I already have the scar from the first time. Umm, we'll see.

This past weekend was a good one with the girls, minus all their bickering. My brand new teen (Happy Birthday Cordie!) and my preteen seem to be at each others throats constantly and then there are the tears. Aside from that though, it was fun. We explored a thrift shop that I discovered close to me and everyone got some new clothes. I got some dress pants and a skirt from Ann Taylor for $9, score! Hannah tried on some Mom jeans and just looked hilarious. They were ridiculously high waisted and baggy and fabulous.

Costco was next on the agenda where I spent way too much money and had to hear Cordie talk about how thirsty she was. Then, when I got her a bottle of water, she turned her nose up at the brand. Lord help me, I had forgotten how difficult 13 year olds actually are.

Sunday, we went to an early showing of Monsters University which was a really cute movie. Emmeline did amazing in her first movie theater experience and sat mostly still the whole time. She didn't even sit by me, she sat by Hannah. I got some snuggles from Paige, which was nice.
This was too good to pass up
Good weekend, but it flew by as usual. I actually have the whole week off of work with the girls the week after next so I'm really looking forward to that.

Jason and I have been going methodically through the house and trying to deep clean one room at a time. Not fun, but it is so needed. Last night we tackled Emmeline's room. I cleaned out her drawers and packed up all the 2T sizes because she loves nothing more than to squeeze her little butt into an outfit that is too small. We also organized the toys and vacuumed under all the furniture. It looked so much better when we were done. Tonight, it is the upstairs bathroom. Ugh.

I have something fun coming up this weekend, but I can't really discuss it yet. You'll just have to wait until next week! I'm such a tease.