Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lazy Day

What's this? A post up before 8AM? I know, I should have gone back to sleep after Jason left for work,  but I decided to catch up on blog reading instead. Priorities.

"I'll just sit here and read while you do all the work, Mom"

My second official teenager. So pretty.

These two won't be up for a while. And why are the sheets off of the bed?
I'm on Day 2 of my staycation (or day 4 if you include the weekend) and have done a whole lot of nothing so far. The girls and I have been out to the pool every single day and that's about it. Today is going to be a break day from the pool, though, mainly because Paige and Cordie look like little lobsters. I think their sunscreen skills left a little to be desired yesterday.

I am not burned, but despite slathering on SPF75, I do still have some color. That color is mostly my freckles popping out, but still. I also gotta say, that I am such a fraud. I've been preaching "pale is better", "you don't need a tan to be pretty", but I like the way I look better when I'm not translucent. Dammit.

Emmeline has been plagued by mosquito bites something terrible this summer. Every day she comes home with new bites and they all seem to be right around her underwear line. I didn't really want to spray her down every day with bug spray so I thought I would try Avon's Skin So Soft which is supposed to be a really good bug repellent. We actually have an Avon store close to us so I went in last week to pick some up. The lady working told me that they were all out so she ordered me a large bottle.  Now, I was expecting a bottle of lotion to arrive, but instead it was actually body oil. Not what I had planned on at all, but I figured I could still make it work. I put some in the bathtub and then gave Elsa and Emmeline a bath. Elsa always takes a bath with Emmeline when she's here. I don't question it. I washed them up and let them play and they laid down in the water as usual. Here is where my inexperience with bath oil comes in; I didn't realize how it would affect their hair. Both of them looked like they hadn't washed their hair in weeks, it was not pretty. I gave them another bath last night to try and wash it out and it was as if I'd covered their hair in Vaseline. I couldn't get a good shampoo lather for anything. I'm hoping that it will eventually wash out over the course of the week.
Pro tip: Don't use bath oil on your kids' hair.

No big plans for the rest of the day here, although I did promise Jason I would clean our bathroom. Yuck, it is pretty gross and I'm not looking forward to it. Wasn't I supposed to have a maid by now?