Monday, August 19, 2013

No Van, just down by the river

Monday morning (barely) and it feels like I'm getting sick. Blah. My head hurts and my throat hurts and I just want to go back to bed, but I'm here at work like a champ. Tylenol and Emergen-C are my two best friends right now. I absolutely do not want to get sick.

I discovered a new park this weekend and it has a really nice running trail right by the river. I went out on Sunday morning with the intent of running 4 miles, but that didn't quite happen. I made it 3.75 miles with a run/walk combo. It really pisses me off that running is so hard for me. I don't understand how some people can go out and run 10 miles like its nothing and I'm huffing and puffing after one. Ugh. Yes, I realize it is mostly training, but I think that some people are just born to be runners and that I never was.

That said, I still have a half marathon I'm supposed to run in 6 weeks. I'm going to keep on keeping on, but I'm really going more for the people than the actual race. Also, I'm in search of a travel buddy if anyone is interested. Flights are pricey so I was looking to drive, but 9 hours by myself does not sound like a good time. If anyone wants to carpool with me, please let me know!

I had a nice low key weekend with the girls. Hannah has gotten herself a job so she didn't come. She is also the master of "I thought my dad was going to tell you". No sweetie, he's not. You are 17 years old, start taking some personal responsibility. Gah! The girls swam for a little bit on Saturday, but the water was really cold since the temps haven't been over 80 for a week now. We then went out for some Sonic shakes and they got goofy on me.
Sunday after my run, I took the girls back out to the park. Of course they found a way down to the riverbank and had to get in and play in the sand. I was not prepared for wet and sandy butts in the car. They had fun though and that was the important thing. I'm just glad I found another fun, free activity for them.

When we had to leave, they were already asking about coming back with their swimsuits. I need to scope out to see if there is a No Swimming sign posted anywhere. I also need to remember to pull Emmeline's hair back in a ponytail. That child constantly has her hair hanging in her face.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend. Any fun plans in the upcoming week?