Friday, November 22, 2013

Baby, it's Cold Outside

I am not a morning person. Never have been, never will be. I can remember my mom threatening do dump a cup of water on my head on a regular basis when I was in school. She followed through a few times too, so
I knew it was legit.

This morning was no exception. The cold crappy weather moved in yesterday and that made my warm bed only that much more appealing. Jason was noticeably absent from our bed because he had driven down to Springfield yesterday. There was a metal show with two of his favorite bands that he really wanted to see, so he took a little mini-vacation to go down there. He really wants me to love metal as much as he does, but it is never going to happen. I just can't get into it.

Since Emmeline and I were on our own last night, I decided to head over to Target to do a little shopping. She has grown out of all her winter clothes so it was time to stock up again. I really don't see the point in spending hundreds of dollars on high end kids' clothes when all she does is play all day, and Target has such cute stuff anyway. I let her pick out what she liked with a little guidance and I think she did pretty well. She got several pairs of leggings and jeggings as well as some long sleeve shirts. I did get a pair of jeans, but they didn't pass the "sit test" (she said her tummy was squished) so those will be going back. She also picked out the requisite winter boots so she is all set now.

I picked up a few things for myself, but will have to take back about half of it. I didn't attempt the fitting room at the store so I just tried everything on when we got home. I had grabbed this cute plaid button down shirt, but it didn't even come close to buttoning over my boobs. (busty girl probs) I did manage to place my very first official order from KikiLaRue so I'm very excited to see how everything fits. (I did buy two scarves last year, but they were gifts so I haven't purchased anything for myself.) I'm trying to plan out my Thanksgiving Day outfit since I want to be cute, yet comfy (jeggings for the win).

I'm off to struggle through today to make it to the weekend. It is really sad how much I look forward to sleeping in.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?