Friday, January 31, 2014

A Little Indulgence

Since we seem to be in the middle of the eternal winter and I have despaired of ever being warm again, I have decided that it is time for me to treat myself to a little pampering time this weekend. I got my yearly bonus and while most of it went to bills and an unexpected speeding ticket (thank you small town Missouri cop), I saved a little bit just for me.

So, tomorrow I'm going to go in for that much needed haircut (you know that one I talked about three months ago, but never got?) and a pedicure. I'm also planning on a little shopping and getting something special for myself. I always feel guilty when I shop because I feel like the money could always go to something else more worthwhile, so it will be nice to be able to do that for myself.

You may have noticed the lack of pictures around here lately (along with the lack of posts) and I have no excuse. I have just not been in picture taking mode at all. The fact that the girls hide from the camera does not help me either. I was looking back through all the pictures I've posted on this blog and got all nostalgic. So, I thought I could have a little flashback Friday action with some bathroom selfies. These span the last year and a half and I can really see how I've changed (and how I stand the same way in every picture).

Happy Friday Everyone! Have a great weekend!
Apparently, there is supposed to be some big football game on, so Go Team. Truthfully, I couldn't care less, but who am I to rain on someone else's parade.